Post Award – Forms

If you are awarded NASA CTSGC funding, you will need to complete one or more of the following forms (indicated on award letter) before payment can be issued.

All awardees are required to submit a report form following the completion of their grant.

If you are a Spring 2022 Awardee and were emailed a report link to complete at the end of your period of performance, please do not use the links below – you must use the link provided via email or you will be requested to redo the report. 

For awards prior to Spring 2022, use these links for reporting:

Direct Participants forms should be submitted if there are any students that have either been directly funded or have significantly participated in the the project other than the awardee, the Primary Investigator (PI).

Awardees are required to create an E-poster, summarizing their work.  They will also be expected to present a physical copy of this poster at the annual Grants Expo.

Media Release Forms

Post Award – Outreach Opportunities

    Looking for ideas on outreach to complete your grant with NASA CT Space Grant Consortium? There are many ways you can help foster a passion for STEM in future generations and help spread the word about NASA CT Space Grant Consortium outside of your own academic community.

    Consider the following:

    Opportunities with local community colleges:

    • Connect with a local community college to give a presentation about studying or careers in STEM.
    • Volunteer as a mentor to younger students who want to learn about STEM programs in higher education.

    Opportunities with younger youth:

    • Offer to run STEM-related activities for an after-school program at an elementary school.
    • Connect with a children’s librarian at a local public library to create a STEM activity or science lesson/experiment.
    • Create a science themed “maker space”.

    Opportunities with middle or high schools:

    • Connect with a middle school or high school class to give a presentation about studying or careers in STEM, or STEM programs in higher education.
    • Volunteer to judge a science fair.
    • Offer to run STEM-related activities for a club or an after-school program.

    Opportunities with civic or social groups that serve youth:

    Reach out to your Campus Director for specific contacts in your area.