RockOn! 2021


Following the cancellation of RockOn 2020 and amidst the continued COVID-19 restrictions, Dr. Chris Koehler, Director of NASA Colorado Space Grant Consortium, and his team of students have discovered a means to make RockOn 2021 happen.  A Virtual “Hands-On” Sounding Rocket Workshop will take place as a chance for students to learn how to build their own sounding rocket payload or RocketSat via hands-on activities. 

This year’s RockOn Workshop will take place May 17-21, 2021.

The RockOn Workshop provides teams a week of hands-on and collaborative learning where they explore how to build sounding rocket payloads. Teams of 3 will build their rocket payload from a kit at their own pace at their location and then ship it to Colorado.  After check out, it will ship to Virginia to launch on a sounding rocket to ~73 miles. The hardware in the kit could be used on future RocketSat and possibly CubeSat flights. This workshop is not about building rockets. It is about learning to build sounding rocket payloads. 

Five students and one faculty member will represent the University of Hartford for this amazing opportunity.  The team will participate in live meetings via Zoom, recorded sessions, and live office hours, allowing them to receive assistance and support as they work on their projects at their own pace.  NASA Connecticut Space Grant Consortium will be providing funding. 

The Colorado and Virginia Space Grant Consortia organize this workshop.  For more information about the event, please visit the RockOn website.