RockOn! 2023

RockOn! is a hands-on workshop teaching team members how to create a sounding rocket experiment from scratch over a 5 day period, and then launch it into space on the 6th day of the workshop.

This team-experience returns to an in-person event for 2023, and takes place at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

What to know:

  • The workshop is designed for college students and faculty.
  • There are no prerequisites for all participants.
  • Anything needed to be successful at the workshop will be taught at the workshop.
  • Team size is ~3 people.
  • Each team builds one RockOn experiment.
  • All experiments will fly on the rocket and into space.

The workshop is expected to take place from June 16th – June 22nd, 2023 with launch expected on June 22, 2023.

The RockOn! Workshop provides teams a hands-on and collaborative learning where they explore how to build sounding rocket payloads. Teams will build their rocket payload from a kit during the workshop.  This workshop is not about building rockets. It is about learning to build sounding rocket payloads.

How to apply:

Faculty members who would like to lead student team should complete their applications before February 28. To be eligible, faculty must complete both of the following:

Student team members should complete a Direct Participant form through CTSGC:

RockOn! 2022

Teams from the University of Connecticut and University of Hartford participated in this amazing virtual opportunity.  The teams took part in live meetings via Zoom, recorded sessions, and live office hours, allowing them to receive assistance and support as they worked on their projects at their own pace.  NASA Connecticut Space Grant Consortium provided funding.

The Colorado and Virginia Space Grant Consortia organize this workshop.  For more information about the event, please visit the RockOn website.