The 2022 Community College Quadcopter Challenge has a winner! Teams representing Norwalk Community College, Naugatuck Valley Community College, Northwest Connecticut Community College, Quinnebaug Valley Community College and Tunxis Community College recently gathered at CCSU to show off their quadcopter designs and compete in a variety of challenges. The event was full of cheerful flights and spectacular crashes as each team had a video and presentation made to judges, plus 10 minutes to show what their quadcopter could do in-person.

Awards were presented to the following:

  • Best Video: Norwalk Community College
  • Best Poster & Presentation: Naugatuck Valley Community College
  • Best Weight Reduction: Northwest Connecticut Community College
  • Best 3D Design: Quinnebaug Valley Community College
  • Best Sample Collection: Tunxis Community College
  • Best Photography & Mapping: Naugatuck Valley Community College

Overall Event Winner: Naugatuck Valley Community College

Congratulations to all team members and leaders on their successful designs and flights. And thank you to CCSU and the faculty and staff of the Applied Innovation Hub for the wonderful event space and gracious hospitality.

Stay tuned for information about the 2022-2023 Challenge!

I really enjoyed taking part in the event. The (skills) survey does not show how much I also learned about being on a team and perseverance. We ran into many problems and I was so impressed by my team’s willingness to keep trying new things.  That alone was very educational. I was proud to be among such capable and talented people. 

Northwestern Connecticut Community College Team Member, Connor Carlson