NASA CT Space Grant is proud to support a team  from UHart to virtually attend RockOn! 2021, a terrific workshop created by Colorado Space Grant and Virginia Space Grant, with COSG taking the lead.  This program has been wildly popular nationwide, with teams from all over attending in-person workshops in Virginia for more than a decade.  Due to the pandemic, this event did not happen in 2020, so we are thrilled to have it back – even virtually! – for 2021!

A team of 5 students and one faculty from UHart spent the week learning how to build their own RocketSat payload for a rocket launch in June as part of the workshop.  The students gained hands-on experience with constructing several electronic boards and components to be flown in launch conditions, as well as programing and coding skills to apply to the project and retrieve real-time data. 

Now complete, the project will ship to Virginia to launch on a sounding rocket to ~73 miles and hardware in the kit could be used on future RocketSat and possibly CubeSat flights.  For more information about the program, please visit the RockOn website.