Did you know that NASA employees are engineers AND biologists, physicists, and chemists? The Yale Graduate-Undergraduate Mentorship Initiative (GUMI) recently held a space research Q&A panel for over 40 New Haven high school and middle school students to address questions on how to start preparing for a fun and rewarding career in space research. Topics included the Genes in Space Program, how to apply for NASA summer fellowships in college, and how to apply for research fellowships once you get to college.

The panel of four included Javier Portillo, current NASA CT Space Grant Awardee in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, together with a Harvard MD/PhD candidate who won the NASA Genes in Space contest, a Yale Undergrad Molecular Biologist who was also a Genes in Space winner, and a Yale Undergrad Engineer that will be interning at CalTech-Jet Propulsion Laboratories during the summer of 2021.

A resource page from the conversation is available to view online for additional information.