Our thirst for knowledge of the outside world, and what lies beyond our home planet, continues to grow each day as new discoveries are made. Dr. Martha Gilmore, who is a Professor of Geology and Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Wesleyan University in Middletown CT, was interviewed this morning by WNPR about her thoughts on Earth’s Toxic Twin, Venus. 

     Despite Venus not seeming like the most hospitable place, the discovery of a certain chemical, phosphine, has raised new questions about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Scientists are giving it a thought, as to if there might be a living organism there that is creating this chemical in a very unlikely environment like Venus. 

Listen to the interview with Martha Gilmoure, done by WNPR, and see what she has to say about Earth’s Toxic Twin.

Earth’s Toxic Twin: A Visit To Venus With Planetary Geologist Martha Gilmore | Connecticut Public Radio (wnpr.org)

Infrared photo of Venus at night, from the Japanese robotic spacecraft Akatsuki, which orbits the planet