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Past Projects

Here you will find examples of student and faculty research projects previously supported by the Connecticut Space Grant Consortium:


Project Title:  “Structural Design of Frame-Membrane Habitat Concepts Considering Life Support Requirements for Lunar Colonization”

Grant Type:       


Project Description:  Graduate students and faculty completed preliminary designs for different habitat concepts for the purpose of housing a 4-member crew for 180 days on the lunar surface.


Project Title: “Autonomous 3-D Cell Culture Apparatus for use in Micro-Gravity”

Grant Type:


Project Description:  Faculty and students developed a prototype of an automated system that can be used to grow 3-D cell cultures in “zero-G” flight. Student participants also made project presentations to their high school physics classes in six different states.


Project Title:  “Hybrid Propellant Rocket Engines”

Grant Type:


Project Description:  Participants tested non-conventional fuels in hybrid propellant rocket engines to obtain data relating to thrust and regression rates. Results were presented at the 50th annual AIAA Aerospace Conference in January 2012.


Project Title:  “Coherent Structures of Jets in Cross Flow”

Grant Type:


Project Description:  Student studied computational fluid dynamics of a unique geometry of a jet in a cross flow.


Project Title:  “Superconducting Nanobolometers for Far-Infrared Single-Photon Spectroscopy in Space”

Grant Type: Graduate Fellowship

University: Yale

Project Description: Developed better, more sensitive space-bound cameras for the for-IR band.





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