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Here are some examples of past outreach done by previous award recipients.

→ Click here to download the 2013-14 Outreach Report Form.


“In terms of outreach, I participated in 3 major presentations. The first presentation was to my alma mater high school’s STEM class. High School in the Community is a magnet school not far from New Haven’s Downtown and Wooster Square neighborhoods, and in addition to providing alternative education options for suburban teenagers, also serves a great number of underprivileged urban youth. It has also lately become a destination for special education students, a trend that I took an early part in. As a graduate, and a special education student (although I have not identified myself as such since high school), I was able to speak from experience about the trials and opportunities that lay in store for students at HSC. And as a recipient of a merit-based NASA grant, I was able to speak about options, particularly in the STEM disciplines, that many of the students there would likely not have considered otherwise.”

- Cameron MacDonald, University of New Haven


“I participated in math tutoring at St. Ambrose catholic middle school.  I’ve been tutoring math to a group of middle school kids with NSBE at St. Ambrose catholic school in Bridgeport. We’ve been doing this for an hour on Fridays since February. The first week that we went I did a kickoff presentation about why learning math is important for the future. The kickoff presentation is what I was thinking of using for the requirement for the outreach presentation about STEM.”

– Sarah Michels, University of Bridgeport


“I gave a presentation discussing STEM careers, astrobiology, and my own research to an AP Biology class at Middletown High School on June 5, 2013 in Middletown, CT. I informed students of the importance of STEM careers with a focus on NASA jobs. I discussed broad concepts regarding astrobiology, including microbial evolution and hypotheses regarding the origins of life on Earth. The presentation concluded with a general overview of the research I am conducting with the help of the CT Space Grant as a case study for what astrobiology research can include.”

- Gregory Wong, Wesleyan University

Wong Outreach


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