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Student Applications


Spring 2014 Call for Applications!!

Application Deadline – February 4, 2014 by 2:00 p.m.


All application material should be submitted in a single email as a single attached .pdf file, if possible, to  Refer to the Spring 2014 Student Request for Proposals Booklet for detailed instructions:

All required forms can be found here.

In general, the application email should include the following, bundled into a single .pdf:

  1. Applicant Contact and Demographic Info
  2. Grant Specific Application Cover Sheet
  3. Proposal Abstract
  4. Proposal Narrative
  5. Letters of Recommendation (can be sent separate if preferred*)
  6. Resume/CV
  7. Student Transcript

*If letters of recommendation are sent separately, please include the applicant’s name and the award type being applied for in the subject line of the e-mail and in the file name of the letter, if attached.


Sample Internship Opportunities: Sample Project Opportunities:
Corsair Internship (PDF) Pratt&Whitney Project List (PDF)
CCAT Internship (PDF) Pratt&Whitney Project Details (PDF)
NE Air Museum Internship (PDF)
NE Air Museum Summer Internship
Sikorsky Anti Vibration (PDF)
Pratt & Whitney Project List (PDF) Sikorsky Short Ranged Wireless (PDF)
Pratt & Whitney Project Details (PDF) Sikorsky Pitot Static Analysis (PDF)
NASA Opportunities (PDF)
Sikorsky Anti Vibration (PDF)
Sikorsky Short Ranged Wireless (PDF)
Sikorsky Pitot Static Analysis (PDF)

*Visit sites for deadlines and application information



Official Guidelines for Awards

NASA Grant Handbook 1

NASA Grant Handbook 2

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