Check out this testimonial sent to us by one of the students who attended this year’s Helicopter/UAS Workshop:


“Two years ago this fall I started my first full-time semester at North Carolina State University, committed to finishing a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Systems.

These past few years have been very challenging, but I expect the knowledge I have gained has prepared me for the career I plan to pursue.  During the academic year, my time was devoted to my studies.  In the summer, I participate in NC State University’s Engineering Camp for middle school students.  Our program also provides students with other opportunities over the summer, such as the development and modification of a MC-1050 maintenance crane for use by our IAT department.

This summer, before I enter my second semester as a Junior, I was also granted the opportunity to attend the 2013 Helicopter and Unmanned Arial Systems (UAS) Workshop hosted by Central Connecticut State University.  Here, thanks to NASA and both the North Carolina and Connecticut Space Grant Programs, I was able to put into practice the leadership principles and theories I have learned in the classroom. I also found time to work on my leadership skills both during scheduled and unscheduled time.

I am on track to graduate from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Systems in May 2015.  I look forward to graduation and I hope to soon be employed as an engineer.  I am now interested in a career with Sikorsky Aerospace Services, thanks to the wonderfully informative introduction to the facility I received this past week.  I plan to take advantage of my remaining time at North Carolina State University to put to practical use the education gained at CCSU and from the UAS Workshop.

As anyone attending college knows, the cost of fees, books and materials, and living expenses are daunting. The benefits awarded sometimes mitigate the financial burdens, and the experience I received from attending the 2013 NASA/Connecticut Space Grant Helicopter and UAS Workshop was a tremendously rewarding experience which I would like to thank you for.  I believe it is essential to illustrate to students real world applications of their newly gained knowledge, and I believe it is paramount to continue this opportunity in order to encourage students to achieve their goals.

Thank you again for your generosity.”


Lesley W. Franks
Mechanical Engineering Systems
North Carolina State University