Summer Internships

NASA CT Space Grant is excited to announce our Summer 2019 Internship Program! Click below to learn more about the companies, projects, and how to apply!

NASA CT Space Grant Grant Recipients Fall 2018!

NASA Connecticut Space Grant is excited to announce our 2018 Grant Recipients!

Super Blood Wolf Moon

Super Blood Wolf Moon   On January 20, 2019, a Super Blood Wolf Moon was visible from North America, South America, and parts of Europe and Africa. The Super Blood Wolf Moon was a total Lunar Eclipse that combines a super moon and a blood moon. The moon is not...

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University of Bridgeport Awardees Detailed in Article

The University of Bridgeport recently released an article detailing the NASA Connecticut Space Grant awardees that attend their institution. Genesis Paz, a first generation college student studying Computer Science was awarded Undergraduate Scholarship...

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Mars landing Today!

Today InSight will be landing on Mars at Elysium Planitia! The goal of their mission is to study the inner structure of Mars to learn more about how planets form and to record the rate of tectonic activity and meteorite impacts. Coverage starts at 2 pm EST and the...

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