NASA CTSGC Student Grant and Scholarships

The following is a summary of grant and scholarship awards that are usually given out to students every Fall/Spring cycle.


Graduate/Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Eligible full-time undergraduate/graduate student of a Consortium university/college may apply. Students are expected to work on research related to space/aerospace science or engineering under the guidance of a faculty member or a mentor from industry. (NASA restricts fellowships to U.S. Citizens.)

Student Project Grant

Eligible full-time student or group of students enrolled in a Consortium university/college may apply. The purpose of this grant is to allow students to purchase supplies needed for projects that are beyond the normal funds allocated by departments, colleges, and universities. (NASA restricts project funds to U.S. Citizens.)

Student Travel Grant

Eligible full-time student enrolled in a Consortium university/college may apply for a travel grant to visit NASA centers to use unique facilities or present their NASA-related work at professional meetings. (NASA restricts travel funds to U.S. Citizens for domestic travel only.)



Undergraduate Scholarship

Eligible full-time students from a Consortium 4-year university may apply for an undergraduate scholarship.

Community College Scholarship

Eligible full-time students from a Consortium community college may apply for a community college scholarship.

Community College Transfer Scholarship

Eligible full-time students from a Consortium 4-year university/college who began at a community college may apply for a community college transfer scholarship.


Design Opportunities

Community College Quadcopter Challenge

Community college students, in collaboration with a faculty advisor, use a quadcopter in a competition/challenge. Each team is required to significantly modify their quadcopter kits in order to mount sensors, actuators, and electronics necessary for the challenge. For more information visit our Community College Quadcopter Challenge Request for Proposals.


Summer Opportunities

NASA CT Space Grant also offers support for summer internships and workshop attendance.

Industrial, Education, and Technical Internships

NASA CTSGC offers two types of internship opportunities: Industrial and Education Internship and Technical Internship. Both internship programs are offered for full-time internships that should be for a minimum of 8 weeks during the summer. Industrial and Education Internships are available to undergraduate and graduate students from 4-year institutions and community colleges. Priority for Technical Internships are given to community college students. Undergraduate/graduate students enrolled at NASA CTSGC affiliated institutions are eligible to apply. In late Fall term internship opportunities are posted on the NASA CTSGC website.

Undergraduate Student-Faculty Summer Research

This grant enables undergraduate students (4-year institution and community college) to gain meaningful research experience in NASA CTSGC affiliate research laboratories. The research activity should be consistent with the mission of NASA as exemplified by its four strategic enterprises: earth science, space science, human exploration and development of space, and aero-space technology. The award will support two undergraduate students (1 from a 4-year institution and the other from a community college) with a summer stipend and provide a small stipend for the faculty advisor. The research project should span a minimum of 8-weeks in length.


Opportunities Outside Connecticut

NASA Academy Internship (Various Sites)

The NASA Academy program is a ten-week summer experience at Ames Academy, Glenn Academy, Goddard Academy, or Marshall Academy with laboratory research work, a group project, lectures, meetings with experts and administrators, visits to NASA Centers and space-related industries, technical writing, and presentations. Applicants must be a rising junior, senior undergraduate or at the early graduate level in accredited U.S. college or university as of May of the program year. They must have at least a B average, major in engineering, science, math, computer science or other areas of interest to the aerospace program, and be a US citizen or permanent resident.

RockOn Workshop (Wallops Island, VA)

During the RockOn week-long workshop, students will learn through hands-on activities, how to build a sounding rocket payload or RocketSat. Teams of 3 will build their rocket payload from a kit in three days and launch it on sounding rocket to ~73 miles on the sixth day. The hardware in the kit could be used on future RocketSat and possibly CubeSat flights. Wallops will be providing the rocket and launch operations for the workshop. Wallops will also provide a tour and briefings on sounding rocket environments for future flights. For more information please visit the RockOn 2017 homepage.

Applications and further information about NASA CTSGC Grants, Scholarships, and Internships may be obtained from your university/college NASA CTSGC Campus Director. NASA CTSGC actively encourages women, minorities, and those with disabilities to apply for its grants, scholarships, and internships.