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Spring/Summer 2016 Call For Proposals!

Priority Deadline for Summer 2016 Awards is March 15, 2016!

The following Spring 2016 Faculty Awards are available:
Award Type Award Amount No. of Awards
Faculty Research Grant $10,000 5
Collaboration Grant $8,000 1
STEM Education Research Grant $5,000 2
STEM Education Programming Grant $5,000 1
Faculty Travel Grant Up to $1,000 5

  (Updated 1/8/16)


The following Student-Faculty Awards are available for Summer 2016:
Award Type Award Amount No. of Awards
*Student-Faculty Summer Research Grant $13,000 7

*The application deadline for Summer 2016 grants is March 15, 2016.

  (Updated 1/8/16)



For more information on each award and the application procedure, see below or refer to the CTSGC Faculty RFP Booklet: CTSGC Faculty RFP Spring 2016.  All required forms can be found here.


Information on available awards:

Faculty Research Grants

Research Collaboration Grants provide the opportunity for faculty of consortium institutions to work on novel research projects involving NASA centers, the aerospace industry, or other fields that are of interest to NASA and their strategic enterprises.

Faculty Collaboration Grants

Research Collaboration Grants provide the opportunity for faculty at two or more consortium institutions (or from two or more departments of the same institution) to collaborate on problems related to the mission of NASA.  The portion allocated to each institution will be determined by the investigators.

STEM Education Research Grants

Successful applicants will show a plan to carry out research in the STEM Education field.  This research may include, but is not limited to, k-12 curriculum development, k-12 or higher education STEM education outcomes, or STEM education outreach programs.

STEM Education Programming Grants

Successful applicants will show a plan to undertake and complete programming related to the STEM Education field. Funding may be used to support one-time or repeated initiatives that collaborate with other educational, industrial or institutional partners to educate and increase exposure of students to an aspect of STEM education.

Faculty Travel Grants

Faculty, as well as students, of Consortium colleges, may apply for travel grants to visit NASA sites to use their unique facilities, discuss collaborations, attend pre-proposal briefings, or present their NASA-related work at professional meetings.

*Student-Faculty Summer Research Grant

The Student-Faculty Summer Research Project Grant will enable undergraduate students to gain meaningful research experience in CTSGC Affiliate research laboratories in areas consistent with the mission of NASA. Each award will support two undergraduate student summer stipends (1 university student and 1 community college student at $6,000 each) and provide a small stipend ($1,000) for their faculty advisors. For this grant, a joint faculty-student application is required. (The application deadline for summer 2016 grants is March 15, 2016.)



Applications and further information on Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium Fellowships and Grants may be obtained from the your university’s or college’s NASA Campus Director.

The Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium actively encourages women, minorities, and those with disabilities to apply for its grants.


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