Student Programs

The following is a summary of grant and scholarship awards that will be issued during our Fall 2018 award cycle.  For more information about these funding opportunities please visit our Student Programs Request for Proposals (Updated May 2018).  To complete an application please visit our Forms page.


NASA CTSGC Fall 2018 Call for Proposals

Award Audience Anticipated Number of Awards Award Amount Application Due Date* Awards Announced
Undergraduate Scholarship Student (undergraduate at a 4-year institution) 8 $5,000 10/3/18  11/2/18
Community College Scholarship Student (community college) 8 $1,500 10/3/18  11/2/18
Community College Transfer Scholarship Student (undergraduate at a 4-year institution who began at a community college)  2 $5,000 10/3/18  11/2/18
Graduate Research Fellowship Student (graduate)  3 up to $8,000 10/3/18  11/2/18
Undergraduate Research Fellowship Student (undergraduate) 7 up to $5,000 10/3/18  11/2/18
Project Grant Student 5 up to $1,000 10/3/18    11/2/18
Student Travel Student  5 up to $1,000 10/3/18  11/2/18
Community College Quadcopter Challenge Faculty and student (community college) 5 up to $8,000 ($2,000 for faculty advisor, $1,000 for each student [up to 5], $1,000 in supplies) 10/29/18 11/5/18



* All submissions are due by 11:59 PM on application due date.


Graduate/Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Eligible full-time undergraduate/graduate student of a Consortium university/college may apply. Students are expected to work on research related to space/aerospace science or engineering under the guidance of a faculty member or a mentor from industry. (NASA restricts fellowships to U.S. Citizens.)

Student Project Grant
Eligible full-time student or group of students enrolled in a Consortium university/college may apply. The purpose of this grant is to allow students to purchase supplies needed for projects that are beyond the normal funds allocated by departments, colleges, and universities. (NASA restricts project funds to U.S. Citizens.)

Student Travel Grant
Eligible full-time student enrolled in a Consortium university/college may apply for a travel grant to visit NASA centers to use unique facilities or present their NASA-related work at professional meetings. (NASA restricts travel funds to U.S. Citizens for domestic travel only.)


Undergraduate Scholarship
Eligible full-time students from a Consortium 4-year unive

Community College Scholarship
Eligible full-time students from a Consortium community college may apply for a community college scholarship

Community College Transfer Scholarship
Eligible full-time students from a Consortium 4-year university/college who began at a community college may apply for a community college transfer scholarship.

Design Opportunities

Community College Quadcopter Challenge
Community college students, in collaboration with a faculty advisor, use a quadcopter in a competition/challenge. Each team is required to significantly modify their quadcopter kits in order to mount sensors, actuators, and electronics necessary for the challenge. For more information visit our Community College Quadcopter Challenge Request for Proposals (Updated June 2018).

Applications and further information about NASA CTSGC Grants, Scholarships, and Internships may be obtained from your university/college NASA CTSGC Campus Director. NASA CTSGC actively encourages women, minorities, and those with disabilities to apply for its grants, scholarships, and internships.