Faculty Programs

The following is a summary of awards that will be issued during our Fall 2018 award cycle.  For more information about these funding opportunities please visit our Faculty Programs Request for Proposals (Updated May 2018).  To complete an application please visit our Forms page.

NASA CTSGC Fall 2018 Call for Proposals

Award Audience Anticipated Number of Awards Award Amount Application Due Date* Awards Announced
Faculty Research Faculty 8 up to $10,000 10/3/18 11/2/18
STEM Education Research Faculty 3 up to $4,000 10/3/18 11/2/18
STEM Education Programming Faculty 3 up to $2,000 10/3/18 11/2/18
Faculty Travel Faculty 5 up to $1,000 10/3/18 11/2/18
Community College Quadcopter Challenge Faculty and student (community college) 5 up to $8,000 ($2,000 for faculty advisor, $1,000 for each student [up to 5], $1,000 in supplies) 10/29/18 11/2/18

* All submissions are due by 11:59 PM on application due date.


Faculty Research
Research Grants provide the opportunity for faculty of consortium institutions to work on novel research projects involving NASA centers, the aerospace industry, or other fields that are of interest to NASA and their strategic enterprises. (NASA restricts research grants to U.S. Citizens.)

STEM Education Research
Successful applicants will show a plan to carry out research in the area of STEM education. This research may include, but is not limited to, K-12 or higher education STEM curriculum development, K-12 or higher education STEM education outcomes, or STEM education outreach programs. (NASA restricts research grants to U.S. Citizens.)

STEM Education Programming
Successful applicants will show a plan to undertake and complete programming related to STEM education. Funding may be used to support one-time or repeated initiatives that collaborate with other educational, industrial, or institutional partners to educate and increase exposure of students to STEM. (NASA restricts research funds to U.S. Citizens.)

Faculty Travel
Eligible faculty from a Consortium university/college may apply for a travel grant to visit NASA centers to use unique facilities or present their NASA-related work at professional meetings. (NASA restricts travel funds to U.S. Citizens for domestic travel.)

Community College Quadcopter Challenge
Community college students, in collaboration with a faculty advisor, use a quadcopter in a competition/challenge. Each team is required to significantly modify their quadcopter kits in order to mount sensors, actuators, and electronics necessary for the challenge. For more information visit our Community College Quadcopter Challenge Request for Proposals (Updated June 2018).

Applications and further information about NASA CTSGC opportunities may be obtained from your university/college NASA CTSGC Campus Director. NASA CTSGC actively encourages women, minorities, and those with disabilities to apply for its grants, scholarships, and internships.