Helicopter / UAS Workshop

The 2017 Helicopter/UAS Workshop Schedule.

The Helicopter / Unmanned Aerial Systems / Aircraft Readiness Engineering Workshop is a yearly collaboration between the Connecticut and North Crolina Space Grant Consortia.  The workshop alternates every year between two locations: Craven Community College in Havelock, North Carolina and Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, Connecticut.  This year’s 2017 workshop will be held June 18th – June 23rd in Connecticut.

The 2017 Helicopter/UAS/AREW Workshop will provide participants with classroom instruction and hands-on opportunity to learn more about why helicopters and UAVs behave as they do during flight operations. Workshop participants will construct and flight test (wind tunnel and outdoor) radio controlled coaxial helicopters, and compete in an obstacle course using the coaxial helicopters and VTOL aircraft that they build. Two human power helicopter test fixtures will also be used for experimentation, to maximize lift over drag. Participants will also have an opportunity to network with aerospace leaders, and professionals, tour manufacturing and engineering facilities, and may have the opportunity to experience a 1-hour helicopter ride during this unique training experience. Local transportation, lodging, and food are included in the workshop fee.

Graduate and undergraduate students from all over the United States whose institution is affiliated with the NASA Space Grant are welcome to attend the workshop. If you are interested in attending the workshop please contact your state Space Grant Consortium to inquire if funding is available to attend this workshop.

Please read the 2017 Student Request for Proposals for more detailed information on application submission guidelines.

To apply, fill out one of the appropriate cover sheets below.  If you are a Connecticut student who attends a higher education affiliate institution you should complete Helicopter Workshop (Connecticut Applicant) 2017. If you are a non-Connecticut student you should complete Helicopter UAS Workshop (Non-Connecticut Applicant) 2017.

For information on Helicopter/UAS/AREW workshops held in previous years, click here.