6th Annual Tech Savvy Conference!

You can view the flier here.   What – The 6th Annual Tech Savvy Conference is an event to teach girls in 6th through 9th grade about career opportunities in STEM, and how to reach their fullest potential in these fields.   When – May 4th, 2019,...

Highlights March 2019

This month we will be highlighting a project by Hunter Vannier, who completed an Undergraduate Research Fellowship titled “Using Hubble to Look Back at the Sun’s Historical Trajectory Through the Local Interstellar Medium”. The project detailed how clouds...

SpaceCRAFT Exploration Challenge at SXSW

Texas Space Grant is pleased to announce that applications are open for student teams to join the SpaceCraft Exploration Challenge at SXSW from March 15-17 in Austin.
Rescue an astronaut on exoplanet TRAPPIST-1d using AI, machine learning, robotics, and VR.
Top teams will win amazing prizes from the sponsors.

For more information please visit http://www.tsgc.utexas.edu/spacecraft_exploration_challenge.html
Team applications are due March 4.