Here are some of the things that students had to say!


“Speaking as  women in a STEM field, this project helped solidify my belief that I do have a place in aerospace science and technology”  – Jenna Daly

“This project aided in my understanding of acoustics and flow at high velocities which is directly related to the aerospace industry in AeroAcoustics as well as structural acoustics. This project made me want to pursue a graduate degree in AeroAcoustics” – Adam Clark

“While I was already in the middle of pursuing a STEM education/career when I began my internship I would say that my internship has helped contribute to my confidence in continuing to pursue my STEM education/career. My internship has also exposed me to the aerospace/DoD industry and while I do not know if my future career will lie in this field I have found it to be interesting and will consider it in the future career decisions that I have to make.” – Grace Cotnoir

“This internship gave me great insight to the complexities of the engineering workforce. Each very technical mind brought a different technical approach to problems discussed, and everyone was able to work together to find the solution that made the most sense or worked best. I was very impressed and honored to work with such great engineering minds. I aspire to their levels of thinking and working, and have gained great experience, knowledge, inspiration and motivation from this internship to continue to pursue a career in engineering” – Rachel Parlock

“One of my favorite parts of the trip was our visit to Kamax and Sikorsky. I have always been interested in helicopter blades, so seeing them manufactured was fascinating. I felt like a child in a candy store where each piece of candy was approximately $20 million.” – Michael Grotz

“Now that conference season is coming to a close, I can finally get a chance to send you guys the proper thank you for the Heli-conference. I know all the students truly enjoyed themselves including myself.” – Joseph Belter

“I’m extremely happy with what I’ve seen so far, there’s been no disillusion for me, the consortium helped me come down here for free, and have been extremely helpful ever since. They are the reason that I’m down here.” – Daniel Violette

“This program greatly increased my knowledge of rotary-wing systems and piqued my interest in a career in the rotary-wing aircraft industry.” – Oren Kanner

“Since the beginning of this project I have applied, been accepted, and am now enrolled in a Biochemistry PhD program at Cornell University. So in terms of the ‘NASA workforce development objective’, I feel that I am not only better trained to pursue a career in science, but much more motivated and eager to attend graduate school than other individuals who are lacking the experiences I was provided with through this grant.” – Dante Lapour

“Our lab has created a professional, productive and stimulating environment where undergraduate students are directly involved with research. I have no doubt that the community we have created has had a significant influence on the declaration of majors in science for nearly all of our work study and volunteer students.” – Sarah Kopac

“My project has been an awesome learning experience and has helped me pursue passion for science, engineering and aerospace development. I have learned a vast amount of information about aerospace manufacturing and the science behind how aerospace products are made. When I am though with my project, I hope to continue working on other aerospace related projects and continue in the aerospace work field.” – Matthew Peters

“This project has enhanced my fascination and dedication to the STEM field, specifically aeronautical engineering and anticipation of a STEM career. This has been a very rewarding experience.” – Evan Bellanceau

“This project has and will continue to fuel my desire to continue both higher STEM education and to pursue a STEM career.” – Kevin Huang

“The grant allowed me to experience research in geophysics and fluid dynamics that would have been otherwise impossible. I learned a number of new techniques in fluid measurement, computing and analysis that are extremely useful and crucial to the field. I will definitely use this experience I gained this summer, with NASA support, in future study of geophysics, fluid mechanics and possible aerospace science. I appreciate NASA’s generosity in allowing me to pursue such a project.” – Anthony Fragoso”

“The program heightened my interest in the exciting, hands-on aspect of aerospace engineering. The environment created by the program treated each individual equally, regardless of race or sex. Completing the program increased my desire to explore different fields of engineering.” – Alyssa Trinh