Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Connecticut Space Grant Consortium?

The Connecticut Space Grant Consortium is a NASA funded organization made up of 22 Space Grant affiliated universities and community colleges in the state of Connecticut.


What does CT Space Grant do?

CT Space Grant funds undergraduate, graduate, and faculty STEM related projects, research, travel, internships and workshops by offering scholarships, fellowships, and grants.


How do I find out what funds are available?

On our website we post the available award types and amounts each award period.


How can I apply for Space Grant Funding?

We have applications and deadline information listed on our Forms page, as well as under the Higher Education and Other Educators tabs.


How many application cycles are there each year?

The number of award periods varies from year to year based on funding allocated from NASA. This year we’ve had two: one in the fall, and one in the spring. The exact deadline changes each year depending on funding, but the Fall deadline is usually in October and the Spring deadline is usually in February. Each semester’s call for applications is announced on our website and via posters at all our affiliated institutions.


Am I allowed to apply for more than one award or grant?

Yes! There are many reasons to apply for more than one grant in an application cycle. For example, some students or faculty apply for project funding and separate travel funding in order to attend a conference to present that project.


If I’ve already received a grant in the past, may I apply again?

Yes to that too. We ask that you indicate past awards on your new application, but there is no limit on the number of times one person may apply.



If you’d like to learn more about CT Space Grant we invite you to say hello if we’re in the office, email us at, or you can visit our website: