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2014 Career and Grants Exposition

2014 Career and Grants Exposition

Join us on Friday, September 26th for our annual Career & Grants Expo. Network with local industry and learn about award and internship opportunities!

If you are interested in attending the expo or you have any questions,  please contact your campus director or email us at

2014 Career & Grants Expo Poster

Directions to P&W Museum Hangar




  1. Very interested in this Expo. Please forward to me all the information possibly for the September 26th,2014 event. We at Aircraft Welding are always interested in expanding the careers of individuals interested in the aircraft and aerospace industry.

    The science of metallurgy, welding/brazing and maching is a very rewarding and interesting career. We will be waiting to hear from you.

    • Hello Robert. We would love to have Aircraft Welding attend our annual Career & Grant Expo. Please email us at for more detailed information than what is presented on this page.

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