The Connecticut Space Grant Consortium was a proud sponsor of NEAM’s annual Space Expo that took place on April 7th. Here’s what it’s all about:

“The Space Expo event expands on the New England Air Museum’s mission of presenting the story of aviation and space exploration, the human genius that made it possible, and the profound effects that it has had on the way in which we live. The Museum aims to engage and inspire students through hands-on educational programs that allow visitors to discover and reflect on aerospace history, its ties to our region and impact on technological advancements. The Museum particularly appreciates that this event draws a new audience to the Museum. The inclusion of an astronaut, aerospace scientists and engineers, space educators from NASA and other museums, astronomers and members of the aerospace industry engage the public in today’s aerospace missions, recent discoveries, and future possibilities. The public becomes more aware of the many career opportunities provided by the aerospace industry. Over 1500 visitors attended Space Expo 2013; many of them visiting the Museum for the first time.

Special guests at Space Expo 2013 included NASA Astronaut Ret’ d Jerry Ross, the frequent flyer of NASA astronauts and one of two astronauts who have the most hours spacewalking. Jerry experienced first hand the entire Shuttle Program over the course of its thirty years. Most engaging is to hear his feelings and observations as he takes humans to new frontiers. NASA scientist, Sabrina Thompson, shared her enthusiasm for what she does at Goddard Space Center, the largest group of scientists in the world all focused on better understanding our universe. The Yoyo People put on a performance appealing to all ages that took Yoyo demonstrations into space. The Museum has never heard such applause. These guests would not be able to participate without the support of the sponsor, CT Space Grant Consortium.

All visitors left the 2013 event with a copy of I am a Space Shuttle by Becky Cross, having met an astronaut, and realizing that the aerospace industry is within their reach.  Such events ignite the interest of many visitors and inspire them to become lifelong space explorers. The New England Air Museum thanks the CT Space Grant Consortium for making Space Expo 2013 possible.”

– Caroline d’Otreppe, Director of Education Programs