Eastern Connecticut State University hosted a planetarium show on Monday, April 8 at 5:30 PM in the Wickware Planetarium.  The event was advertised on Eastern’s website and in the local newspaper, The Chronicle (Willimantic, CT).  They had a “sell-out” crowd (tickets are free, but they take reservations due to limited seating.)  The audience ranged in age from ~10 -80 years.  They gave away NASA goodie bags with posters from the NASA center. http://nutmeg.easternct.edu/nasa/

Drs. Zoran Pazameta and Russ Sampson discussed CT’s space industry and what to see in the April sky.  They fielded many questions after the show.  Everyone was given a sandwich dinner.  The provost, Dr. Rhona Free, attended with her husband.   They had a great cross section of faculty, staff, students, and the general public.  One high school student is at Windham Tech, and he would very much like to be involved in HVAC concerns aboard spacecrafts –he asked a lot of questions.

WILI’s Wayne Norman attended and was intrigued by the information, so much so that he invited Dr. Elizabeth Cowles to appear on his morning show, Friday, May 17.