The Connecticut Space Grant Consortium is proud to announce the award recipients for the Fall 2012 Application Season!

The CT Space Grant Consortium provides funding for research and internships for students and faculty at our member institutions as a division of NASA Education. We endeavor to support diverse projects, in all areas of interest to NASA. These areas may include, but are not limited to, research related to aeronautics/aerospace, STEM, and STEM education.

Congratulations to all of the NASA Connecticut Space Grant Consortium Fall 2012 award recipients!


Student Project Grants ($1K)

Brian Coleman (University of Connecticut)

Stephen Hall (Yale University)

Eric Quitzau (University of Hartford)

Scott Werkheiser (Central Connecticut State University)


Senior Design Project Grants ($3K)

Nicole Arenas (Fairfield University)

Kristopher McIntosh (Fairfield University)

Tarah Sullivan (Trinity College)


Undergraduate Student Travel Grants ($1K)

Thomas Bachant (University of Connecticut)

Brian Coleman (University of Connecticut)

Lucian Guadagnoli (Central Connecticut State University)

James Vallieres (University of Connecticut)


Undergraduate Fellowships ($5K)

Jean Armatis (University of Bridgeport)

Erin Barney (Trinity College)

Matthew Breland (University of Bridgeport)

Brian Coleman (University of Connecticut)

Eric Edelman (Wesleyan University)

Stephan Maric (University of Connecticut)

James McGuinness (Central Connecticut State University)

Sarah Michels (University of Bridgeport)

Gregory Wong (Wesleyan University)


NASA Academy Internship ($9K)

Miles Aron (University of Hartford)


Graduate Fellowships ($20K)

Tanimu DeLeon-Nwaha (UConn Health Center)

Patrick Harner (Wesleyan University)

Courtney Warren (Yale University)


Graduate Student Travel Grants ($1K)

Juan Pablo Correa Baena (University of Connecticut)

Lu Han (University of Connecticut)


Faculty Research Grants

Dr. Hassan Bajwa (University of Bridgeport) [$11K]

Dr. Brett Barwick (Trinity College) [$20K]

Dr. Zheng (Jeremy) Li (University of Bridgeport) [$20K]

Dr. Timothy Vadas (University of Connecticut) [$20K]


Faculty Seed Research Grant ($6K)

Dr. John Mertens (Trinity College)


Curriculum Development Grant ($5K)

Dr. Luz Amaya-Bower (Central Connecticut State University)